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  1. Title : Anticancer properties of medicinal plants: prospects and challenges in cancer treatment

  2. Author : V. N. Arthur Robin Raj and P. Vijayaraghavan

  3. Abstract

  4. India has a long history and strong tradition for Ayurveda and other traditional medical system. Medicinal plants play significant role in treating and preventing various diseases. Medicinal plants have been associated with the development of human civilization around the world. These plants are considered as rich sources of phytochemicals which enable to have huge medicinal value. The application of these herbal remedies is not only cost effective than other synthetic drugs but also safe and almost free from numerous side effects. The tribal, farmers and village elders have tremendous knowledge about these medicinal plants. In this century, the pharmacological effects of plants have been considered as a promising future medicine or drug for the management of various diseases, including cancer. Hence, the main aim of the present review is to understand the knowledge of the medicinal plants for the treatment of cancer.

  5. Year : 2018, Volume : Volume 1, Issue : Issue 1

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